What do you get when you combine a voracious appetite for creating compelling images, a high-school dropout turned UPenn graduate, a former punk rock front man with classical sensibilities, “bilingualness” en español, and generous helpings of tenacity, verve, and good humor? That would be me, or most of me.

Throw in my love for Philadelphia, my passion for culture, 20+ years of graphic design and photography experience, raising two beautiful kids with an amazing wife, gratitude for working with an incredible variety of people, and the understanding that skateboarding and fishing = the fountain of youth...and you’ve got a Cliff’s-Notes sketch of yours truly.

For nittier, grittier details please reach out to me directly. I'll gladly sit down with you to discuss high school dropout punks going Ivy League—in Spanish if you'd like. : )





For information about availability, rates or image samples:

215.603.7264  |   [email protected]


Based in Philadelphia, will travel.

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