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Tina Pagatto, CEO

Bethesda Project

Bryan exceeds expectations as a visual artist! He has been an invaluable asset to the nonprofit social service organization I lead in Philadelphia, providing his services in-kind to highlight the dignity of people experiencing homelessness for more than seven years. His portrait work is stunning, capturing the beauty and soul of his subjects, helping to tell the story of our life-changing work. He is a dependable resource as an event photographer, and also a skilled designer and marketer who elevated our organization’s sidewalk aesthetic with a cutting-edge building wrap. He is a consistent pleasure to work with and I’m pleased to recommend him to anyone asking for referrals—we are so proud to be part of his focus!

Lauren Richmond, ESQ. 

Temple University

I've known Bryan for quite some time as a photography colleague, and, because he's the most talented and professional 'tog I know, as one of his clients. He's one of those rare photographers that can not only creatively translate a client's ideas instead of imposing his own, but who executes those ideas with finesse, precision, professionalism, reliability, and a great sense of humor to boot. His technical whiz is without question top notch, and his client service and natural nerve-calming ease with each person are what really vault him to the top of his game. Anyone who's dabbled in photography knows it's not creativity or gear that makes a great photographer - those are givens. What makes someone great is execution. Knowing when to step away from the camera and shoot the breeze, knowing how to light this person or that person to flatter their best features... Bryan nails it each time.

Allison Hinch 

Creative Strategist

Photographing groups can be challenging. You have every type of person to deal with—people who open up in front of the camera and those who down right refuse to cooperate. I never worry when Bryan is in charge. He makes their personality work for their photos. He knows how to capture their personality even if they try to hide it. He will never tell you to smile but you will any way. Bryan is the first person I recommend when anyone says "I need a photographer." I rarely ask what the subject is because I just know he will capture it perfectly no matter what.

Roslyn Victoria Pilla,
CEO, Aquila Innovative

I have worked with Bryan for many years and find his creative eye, drive for perfection, and adaptability a perfect combination for confidence and quality results. Bryan constantly works to perfect his craft. He contributes ideas to creative challenges and his experience as an art direction/graphic designer gives him an added advantage when working on assignments. Bryan delivers dependability and powerful photography to compliment our creative direction and client satisfaction.

Catherine Lambert, Strategic Account Executive

Outstanding photographer and seasoned professional. I hired Bryan to take company portraits at a conference in Florida. After submitting a request for proposals to four photographers along the East Coast – Bryan’s portfolio and personality stood far above his competition. He took both environmental and portrait-style shots of our management team and firm leaders. He worked 14+ hour days and did not skip a beat – remaining positive, helpful, and focused. I would recommend Bryan for any corporate event – portrait – or editorial shots. He is an expert at his craft!

Karin Annerhead Harris, Alliance of Community Service Providers

Bryan is an excellent photographer. Not only does he think outside the box, he is also able to think on his feet. The photo shoot he did for us was very complex with many different people and personalities. Bryan worked through it with incredible results. With his great personality people opened up and relaxed in a way I've never seen before. Bryan is very knowledgeable, professional, always on time and great at following up and come up with ideas to make the project easier and better. Working with Bryan was a joy and a pleasure and I hope we will have many more opportunities to work together.

Marangeli Mejia-Rabel
Afro-Taino Productions

Mr. Lathrop is an exceptional photographer with a unique talent to capture aspects that make the simplest things phenomenal.His professionalism is the perfect compliment, making him just a pleasure to work with. We have collaborated with him for the past couple of years with fantastic results.

Alfred James Band

We initially hired Bryan to do the photography for our album project, UP UP DOWN DOWN. From the jump, he was thorough, professional and flexible—listening to our ideas and brainstorming with us, even providing thumbnail sketches for some of his ideas ahead of the shoot. His passion for lighting and photo making was infectious, and resulted in some striking images for the project. It wasn’t long after our first shoot that Bryan’s conceptual vision led us to choose him to handle the design component of the project as well. While he had his own ideas for the project, Bryan also had no problems taking direction in order to layout our ideas; this made it a pleasure to collaborate with him. Bryan completed the project on time and within budget. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him for his creative versatility.

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