Cancer Crusher, Redux

Three years ago my friend, Alison,  was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a double mastectomy. She’d made a comment on Facebook that led to me shooting her portrait when she was still going through chemo (see the original post here). My objective was simple—shoot her followup portrait a few years after chemo while flipping a big fat bird to cancer.  

    I’m happy to say that that time finally came; here’s how it went down. 

    I’d been holding off on doing the followup portrait until Alison’s hair grew back to the length it was when I first  photographed her. But her pre-cancer hair length never recurred, given her penchant for crazy cool (short) haircuts. When she posted a shot of her new, flaming pink, sassy cut and I knew it was time; and I messaged her immediately. “We need to shoot your followup portrait yesterday—before your roots grow in!” Within two days she was in my studio and we had an awesome session in the bag. 

     I can’t overstate how positive and life affirming this experience has been. And doing the cancer crusher followup portrait couldn’t have come at a better time. Not only was it a testament to Alison’s strength and courage, it was also a perfect antidote to the divisive politics and hate running rampant in our country. 

     So take a minute to soak up a bit of Alison’s joy de vivre as you peep these images. Be grateful for your health, and never stop fighting the good fight. 

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