Quality Time

Once again, I am extremely thankful for my iPhone’s amazing capacities. I took my daughter out fishing at dawn a couple weeks ago at Ricketts Glen State Park in Pennsylvania. We were awed by the mist and stillness of the lake, and became even more inspired as the sun peaked over the treeline and back lit said mist. I knew I needed to capture this idyllic setting and moment, and wanted to do so via a panoramic shot to show the scope of the stillness and the beauty of the environment.

One thing is clear to me: I’d have missed this moment entirely had I tried catching it with my DSLR. The fleeting light and moment would have vanished as I dialed in my settings; and even if I did have my DSLR and tripod with me, the clacking of the shutter as it captured frames needed for a pano shot would have distracted my daughter and ruined the moment.

So I used the camera I had with me—my beloved iPhone 5. The image be technically imperfect, but I’m damn happy with the mood and moment that it allowed me to capture. And sometimes that matters a hell of a lot more than technical perfection. Thank you, iPhone!

Fishing at dawn with my daughter up at Ricketts Glen = #qualitytime

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